Bible Reading Day Two

by markburlinson

Good Morning!
Day 2 in our New Testament reading plan is Matthew 2.
Let me encourage you to let the Word of God speak to you as you read; don’t brush past details that seem familiar. Remember this chapter is already after the birth of Jesus – somewhere between a couple of months and a year. These visitors were not kings, but wise men from the east. Joseph and Mary are living in a house with their baby. And we are not told how many visitors there are – just that they brought three gifts.
There are several more fulfilled prophecies here, and a lot of political intrigue and danger! Jesus escapes a terrible infanticide and becomes a refugee. And by the end of the chapter he lives in Nazareth – fulfilling another prophecy.
See God’s hand in the midst of trouble and strife. That’s a good reminder for our lives too!
Have a great day.
PS: If you would like help untangling the historical details from the Christmas traditions you can read this article <>