Bible Reading Day Four

by markburlinson

Good morning!
We are already at Day 4 of our New Testament reading plan. I love the sense of God speaking to us all as we read.
Today’s reading is Matthew 4. If you want to read from the YouVersion website you can click here.
Each day we have seen prophecies from the Old Testament being fulfilled in the life of Jesus. Today we see the beginning of Jesus’ ministry as the prophet Isaiah’s words come to life: “The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light”. (I am reading in the New Living Translation). 
And notice how the first thing Jesus does is to gather others around Him – the disciples. They join in as large crowds are drawn to this unique and remarkable man Jesus. Gather, Grow and Go in action!
But first, Jesus faces the temptations in the wilderness. satan tries to steal the second Adam’s position, just as he stole the first Adam’s place. Notice how the response of Jesus each time is “The Scriptures say…” (or in several translations: “It is written…”).
My prayer for all of us is that our reading will give us the wisdom to defeat the enemy with the Word of God every day!
Have a great day.