Bible Reading Day Five

by markburlinson

Welcome to Day 5 of our New Testament reading plan – Matthew 5:1-26.
Jesus begins to teach – some commentators call these next few readings His manifesto. And what a lot of content there is in these verses! It’s a good thing the plan gives us only half the chapter today!
My suggestion is to take a little longer today, if you can (since it is Saturday).
Each verse, as Jesus says “blessed are… (e.g. the poor in spirit),” consider: “what does it look like to be… (poor in spirit)?” before you go on to see the reason Jesus gives for why that kind of person is blessed.
Then, as Jesus goes on (from v13) to say “You are… (e.g. the salt of the earth),” take a moment to consider what He is saying to you in those verses.
And finally, reflect on the contrasts in the section where Jesus says “You have heard…  …but…” to see how a life devoted to God differs from the standards around us. Those contrasts will continue tomorrow!
Have a great Saturday!
PS: You are welcome to forward this email to a friend if you think they might like to join us!