Bible Reading Day Six

by markburlinson

Good morning!
We have reached Day 6 – Matthew 5:27-48
Read online. (You can change the Bible version by clicking on the version selector box on the right in the header).
Our first Sunday in our Bible Reading plan! And what a powerful passage!
Jesus continues with His “You have heard…  …but…” comparisons between the best that good behavior can offer and the greater values of the Kingdom of God. Jesus really is proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom! (Matthew 4:23). As with yesterday, today’s reading really deserves some extra minutes to reflect and ‘chew’ on the meat of these verses. And watch out for an amazing verse at the end of today’s reading – (Verse 48). 
Do you journal as you read? (Keep a notebook or other journaling tool close by to write down what God shows you). I have been doing that in a fresh way this year, and I’m really enjoying it!
I’m looking forward to seeing you this morning, whether at 9:30 or 11, let’s Gather, Grow, and Go! (By the way, we have some exciting news to share this morning so you don’t want to miss it!)
Have a great day!