Bible Reading Day Nine

by markburlinson

Wednesday: Day 9 – Matthew 8
Good morning!
Are you ready for action?!
I ask that because now the gospel moves from powerful teaching to powerful action. Just as we are setting our hearts to Gather, then Grow, then Go, so Jesus taught and then worked miracles. And the switch to action does not make any of these readings lighter in content! There is so much to dwell on in this chapter.
My first suggestion is that you look at the place of faith in these stories. See who has faith, who does not, and what the outcome is.
Secondly, I suggest you imagine yourself in the accounts – maybe as a member of the Centurion’s household, or an onlooker at Gadara as the pigs charge into the lake, or perhaps a disciple in the boat as Jesus calms the storm?
Incidentally, the account in Matthew 8:28-34 differs from the same story in Mark and Luke’s gospels. Matthew mentions two men, the others only one. This is not as big a discrepancy as it appears: John Wesley offered an explanation in his notes on the New Testament: “St. Mark and St.Luke mention only one, who was probably the fiercer of the two, and the person who spoke to our Lord first. But this is no way inconsistent with the account which St. Matthew gives.” In some ways the difference between Matthew’s account and the others adds authenticity, since these writers would not have collaborated on their gospels. Matthew mentions both men, while Luke and Mark offer other details that Matthew omits. These differences show that these documents are not simply a collaborative fraud!
So enjoy your reading! Maybe you’d like to post a comment on the CCC Facebook page about something that has spoken to you from one of our readings? And remember that each day’s email is archived on the Daily Reading Blog.
Have a great day!