Bible Reading Day Ten

by markburlinson

Day 10 – Matthew 9:1-17
Good morning!
Yesterday we looked at faith, today the theme is sin and forgiveness.
Of course that is another huge theme, with so much for us to learn, so it is good that we only have half the chapter again!
Jesus shows us powerful demonstrations of God’s heart for sinners. Forgiveness abounds! No wonder there is so much to celebrate – this truly is “new wine” (verse 17) and cause for a party!
What else are you seeing? Please share with us on Facebook if you are willing.
I wonder how many of you joined in with the Bible readings last year? We were reading three or more chapters a day then, and I really enjoyed it. But this year I am finding myself spending just as long, if not longer, to read just a half chapter! There is just so much that God wants us to see in His Word: I hope you are enjoying the journey so far!
Have a great day!