Bible Reading Day 14.

Day 14 – Matthew 11
Good morning!
In the past two days’ readings Jesus has been instructing His twelve disciples and sending them out. Today our reading starts with “When Jesus finished instructing His disciples, He went out to preach and teach…”
As Jesus goes, He is met by John’s disciples who ask (on John’s behalf) “Are you the Messiah?” Jesus’ reply is beautiful: he tells His cousin “Everything you said would accompany the Messiah’s coming is happening.” 
Then Jesus teaches the crowd about John, and quotes Malachi 3:1 – John is Elijah who comes before the Messiah. What a wonderful honor for John the Baptist, but Jesus says something amazing after that! Let Matthew 11:11 speak to you this morning.
The rest of today’s chapter has Jesus condemning the lack of response from religious hearers and commending those who know they can only depend on God for this call to follow.
What stands out to you from our readings? If you have questions, you are welcome to reply to this email and I will see if we can include some answers in the next day’s email. If God has spoken to you through today’s reading and you want to share that with others, why not comment on today’s reading on the CCC Facebook page?
Have a great day!