Bible Reading Day 17

by markburlinson

Day 17 – Matthew 13:1-32
Good morning!
Today’s chapter is one I love, because I grew up gardening, worked as a gardener before I went to college, and then earned my degree in plant science. I also met Jesus as my Savior and Champion during my first couple of weeks at university! (Remember our 4G questions last week?).
So whenever Jesus talks about plants and growing and other natural things, I find He speaks directly to me. Remember that Galilee in Jesus’ time was largely agricultural too (with fishing on the Sea of Galilee the other main occupation). That means that Jesus intends His teaching to speak directly to His hearers, in language and metaphors they will easily understand.
Of course, many of us struggle with the references to plants and seeds, because we are not primarily an agricultural society any more. If Jesus was teaching at the beach today he’d use stories about the beachware store owner or the worker in the coffee shop! Thankfully, Jesus explains the story for us so we can be sure to understand. One detail you might miss though: every category of response that Jesus lists is plural – even those who hear, understand, and produce a harvest don’t do so alone! I encourage you to deepen your connection with others in your 4G group this week – we are more fruitful following Jesus TOGETHER!
Have a great day as you gather, grow, and go!