Bible Reading Day 19

by markburlinson

Day 19 – Matthew 14:1-21
Good morning!
Yesterday we saw how much God waits for us to choose to love Him. Today’s reading starts out with a terrible injustice – the execution of John The Baptist. King Herod made a rash choice that led to him being forced to do something evil that he had been afraid to do. Fear is a powerful negative force.
Jesus was obviously deeply moved by the news of His cousin’s murder, and sought solitude, but crowds followed Him. Unlike us, Jesus responds to these demands with compassion. It struck me how much this reflects God’s patience that we learned about yesterday.
Not only does Jesus respond to their demands, but He goes on to feed everyone with one bag lunch! We will read about this event in more detail later (in the other gospels), but Matthew gives us the bare facts. Five loaves, two fish, five thousand men, twelve baskets left over.
Some say that the differences between the gospels are a cause for doubt, or suspicion, but actually they are a strong indication of authenticity.
One thing is for sure – the people LOVED to follow Jesus!
Have a great day!