Bible Reading Day 20

by markburlinson

Day 20 – Matthew 14:22-36
Good morning!
Yesterday we saw how fear is a powerful negative force – it turned King Herod Antipas into a weak man capable of much evil. Today, by contrast, we see the power of faith. The first words of Jesus in this passage are “Don’t be afraid,” (verse 27). He goes on to say “Take courage, I am here.”
Jesus has no fear in any situation because He knows the Father and is doing His will. The disciples don’t have that close relationship yet, so they are vulnerable to fear, but Peter shows us how faith can cancel out fear. When Peter’s eyes are on Jesus, his fear bows to his faith, and the impossible happens. Only when Peter looks at his circumstances does his fear return. 
What a powerful truth for us all today. Look to Jesus and have faith, or look at circumstances and allow fear to pull us down!
Where is God asking you to focus on Him today? Expect His power to be revealed in that area.
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Have a great day!