Bible Reading Day 22

by markburlinson

Day 22 – Matthew 15:21-39
Good morning!
After dealing with the opposition of the religious leaders in His homeland, Jesus moves out into what would normally be hostile territory – Tyre and Sidon.
These were cities left from the original conquest of the promised land, and the Gentiles who lived there were referred to as “dogs” by the people of Israel.
It seems Jesus went there for the sake of one woman – and she gets her request! 
No matter how far away from God we are, He seeks us out and wants us to receive Him.
The second half of today’s passage shows Jesus expanding the disciples’ hearts and faith (a parallel with what Phillip was teaching us on Sunday). He wants them to respond to this new need in the same way as they saw Him respond to the need in Matthew. 
As you read this section, ask yourself “How would I have responded to Jesus?” and “How does God want to expand my capacity for Him?”
Have a great day!