Bible Reading Day 24

by markburlinson

Day 24 – Matthew 17.
Good Morning!
Already in our readings we have seen plenty of examples of the disciples’ humanity and fallibility. I hope that encourages you as you consider your own walk with the Lord!
Today is another day where we see how human-minded the disciples (especially Peter) can be: this time Father God Himself has to tell Peter to be quiet!
As the chapter unfolds, there are several accounts of the disciples failing (incidentally that is another sign of the authenticity of these accounts; the writers and their contemporaries are willing to admit their own faults freely). Through all the failures Jesus remains steadfast in His commitment to love these guys, to teach them, to treat them as friends, and to empower them to do the work of the Kingdom.
There’s nothing you or I can do to hinder God’s Kingdom, apart from dropping back from being His disciples. All other mistakes and failures are covered by His love and power.
Have a great day!