Bible Reading Day 27

by markburlinson

Day 27 – Matthew 19:1-15
Good morning!
God’s standards are not our standards!
Matthew chooses to give us another challenge today, hard on the heels of yesterday’s instruction to forgive as often as needed in order to be part of God’s Kingdom. That showed us how God’s standard for a life of love is so much higher than anything we could achieve alone.
Now we see the same truth applied to the matter of marriage and divorce. God made us male and female, and when a man and woman marry they become one – God joins them together. Splitting what God has joined is a lower standard than God’s, and God does not agree with that! 
In the same way, Jesus corrects the disciples when they send away children, thinking the parents are bothering Jesus by asking Him to bless their little ones. God’s standards are different, and the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the childlike. That is our blessing if we can accept it; let’s think on that for a while today.
Have a great day!