Bible Reading Day 29

by markburlinson

Day 29 – Matthew 20:1-16
The Parables of the Kingdom
Good morning!
Jesus is a master of story-telling. His narratives help us imagine the truths He is communicating, and to see them in human terms. 
Often these stories contain a “twist” that we find hard to stomach from our limited perspectives. Today the surprise is that the landowner pays all the workers the same wage, whatever their workday had been. It is tempting to discuss this story as if it was a real-life account; making points about fairness, workers rights, and so on. But the point of a parable is to reveal one key truth, and we would be mistaken to take it further. The truth is the most obvious one made by the story. Sometimes Jesus will state the truth plainly, other times we have to deduce it from what He says.
To me the main point seems to be that God is fair to give eternal life to everyone, whether they deserve it or not. What do you see?
Have a great day!