Bible Reading Day 33

by markburlinson

Day 33 – Matthew 22:1-22
Good morning!
Can you feel the pace and tension increasing as Matthew describes the last few days of Jesus’ earthly life? Now the teaching gets both more urgent and overt. Yet the stories fail to sway those who will soon conspire to have Jesus killed.
It can sometimes be a challenge for us “Western thinkers” to get the most from the parables of Jesus. The word parable is Greek and means “throw alongside.” It was common for Eastern teachers like Jesus to throw out word pictures and stories alongside the experiences of their followers. These parables caused people to reflect more deeply on what the rabbi was saying.
So the question for us today is not “do you understand every detail of this story?” but “what does God want to teach you as you reflect on what Jesus says here?”
It is always valuable to seek wisdom from Jesus in this way. He is the source of all wisdom, and frequently confounds human reason with His answers full of grace and revelation. We see this in the second half of today’s reading with the answer on whether to pay taxes to Caesar. Let’s remember to be thorough in our handling of our finances – paying what we owe in taxes, and giving God our lives along with our tithes!
Have a great day.