Bible Reading Day 35

by markburlinson

Day 35 – Matthew 23:1-22
Good morning!
Today’s reading takes us closer to the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus. 
Two things struck me as I read this portion of Matthew 23:
Firstly, see how courageous Jesus is in His refusal to pull punches in telling the truth. At no time does He step over the line and start “acting like God” by demanding people obey Him, yet He never waters down the truth He has to share.
Second, it filled me with sadness that humans could be so twisted in their self-effort to follow God’s laws that they fail to accept the Son of God when He comes. Whenever Jesus pronounces “woe to you” (or “what sorrow awaits you” in the NLT version), you can imagine his sadness that these leaders actually led the people away from God, and would shortly demand His death. 
Let’s listen carefully to Jesus today, and humble ourselves!
Please join me in praying for Phillip and Lynn in Nicaragua, with Frank Harvey and Tad Tankard. They are conducting two pastors’ conferences; in Bluefields and Managua.
Have a great day!