Bible Reading Day 36

by markburlinson

Day 36 – Matthew 23:23-39
Good morning!
What is really important? 
Jesus continues to pronounce woes on the Pharisees for making what is visible more important than what is invisible. They had a heart defect – their energies were all focused on external righteousness while ignoring God’s heart, and forcing others into the same trap.
Jesus is very clear that this is nothing to do with what God wants. God’s desire is for His children to be gathered under His protection, close to His heart. The Pharisees were trying to make everyone follow an elaborate system of rules to get to God. God just wants us to come! It matters more to God that we let ourselves be gathered close to His heart than that we follow rules and traditions.
Ask God to show you this morning how He wants to draw you under His wing, closer to His heart.
Thanks for continuing to pray with us for Phillip and Lynn in Nicaragua ministering to the pastors.
Have a great day!