Bible Reading Day 37

by markburlinson

Day 37 – Matthew 24:1-22
Good morning {GoesByName}!
Trouble is coming!
After Jesus confounds ALL the human wisdom of the religious leaders, He leads His disciples out of the Temple and predicts the destruction of the temple in AD70 (more info here).
Then the disciples (knowing the messianic prophecies of a King to rule Israel in God’s ways) ask Jesus “when will this happen?”

Jesus’ answer is prophetic, and delivered in prophetic style. Prophecy always has an immediate and a future fulfilment. In this case, all that Jesus predicted took place when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD, but will also be fulfilled before Jesus returns. We see many of the signs Jesus described today; and a right response to those signs would be to pray that the good news of God’s Kingdom would be declared in every place. That opens the door for the end of this imperfect world, and the ushering in of God’s perfect Kingdom.

Come Lord Jesus!
Have a great day!