Bible Reading Day 38

by markburlinson

Day 38 – Matthew 24:23-51
Read online. (If you prefer to listen, click the loudspeaker synbol).
Good morning!
Today’s passage continues Jesus’ teaching about  His return. He tells us to prepare in three ways: be watchful, be ready, and be faithful. The return of Jesus will be sudden and unexpected; we will not know in advance that it is about to take place. So don’t get caught up in speculation, rather look for what God is doing and join in!
It is so important not to get caught up with the return of Jesus so much that we lose sight of God’s work on earth in the present. God’s plan is for His people to wait for his return while representing Him here. 
Have a great day!

Phillip and Lynn report that the first pastors’ conference, in Bluefields on the Atlantic coast, was a great success. Next they will be in Managua for another pastors’ conference. Thanks for praying!
Have a great day.