Bible Reading Day 39

by markburlinson

Day 39 – Matthew 25:1-30
Good morning!
Have you found some of the teachings of Jesus hard to read in the last couple of days? You are not alone! These chapters have been a source of challenge to Christians for centuries. Is He talking about the past, or the present, or the future? The answer is “YES”! And today Jesus reverts to stories to help us understand what we need to understand.
Remember a parable is called a parable because it represents a truth “tossed alongside” the thinking process of a person. So today, look first for the plain, simple, primary message of these two parables. Then bring that truth alongside your thinking about how to live in the light of Jesus’ return and the end of this imperfect world.
What is the plain truth of the ten bridesmaids as you see it?
  • Be prepared for the wait? 
  • Keep something in reserve in case things don’t work out the way you thought? 
  • Don’t assume God isn’t coming back just because life seems to be going on a normal schedule? 
Whatever God shows you, reflect on what that means for you today as you look forward to His coming.
The same with the servants given a trust by the master: how does their experience teach you to live while Jesus is away?
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Have a great day!
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