Bible Reading Day 41

by markburlinson

Day 41 – Matthew 26:1-19
Good morning {GoesByName}!
As I mentioned yesterday, Matthew’s account of the life of Jesus moves into the final chapters today. Jesus is blunt as He tells the disciples He will be crucified. Jesus knows what is coming, and faces it fearlessly. His “adventure” is more than any of us could bear, but He knows the journey to the cross will fulfill God’s plan; not just for Himself but for all mankind.
It is interesting to note who sees what God is doing, and who misses it!
The religious leaders are determined to get rid of Jesus, and their only concern is to avoid a riot. The woman with the perfume knows what she is doing – making a great personal sacrifice in response to the coming sacrifice of Jesus. The disciples are obedient, and see God at work in the provision of the room for the Passover, but they also seem to be oblivious to what is happening despite Jesus’ clear statement at the start of the chapter. Judas is concerned only with making a profit at Jesus’ expense.
We, of course, have the benefit of hindsight as we read these verses. We know what is coming (and the outcome). Think for a moment how Jesus must have felt as He obeyed the Father’s plan through these last days. And what was going through the woman’s heart to prompt her to lavish love on Jesus with perfume that represented her life’s savings?
She stepped out into the adventure of loving Jesus – may we do the same today.
Have a great day!
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