Bible Reading Day 42

by markburlinson

Day 42 – Matthew 26:20-54
Good morning!
Yesterday we saw the preparations for the Passover meal; today Jesus and His disciples share that meal. Instituted as the remembrance of the first Passover, with symbolism and miraculous history in every part of the meal, this was the most important meal of the year for a Jew. 
Yet this passover was even more significant. Now the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world was about to be sacrificed! This would literally be the Passover to end all Passovers! The blood symbolises God’s protection from the destroyer as God allows the destroyer to liberate His people from bondage. Only those protected are liberated. Now the blood is no longer to be painted on a doorpost, but represented by a cup of wine. The wine of Jesus’ blood. This is the source of our celebration of Communion.
Today’s passage is only a part of a very long chapter, yet it contains much action, and many fulfilled prophecies. Have you noticed how there were multiple prophecies fulfilled in Jesus’ birth, and now more again at His death? These alone give us every confidence in God’s plan for salvation!
And Jesus knew He was fulfilling God’s Word; that’s how He could be so in command of the circumstances even as He faced humiliation, torture and death. Even at His most vulnerable, this man is fully God!
May God’s plans for you be fulfilled today, and may you find joy in His gift of life!
Have a great day.
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