Bible Reading Day 43

by markburlinson

Day 43 – Matthew 26:55-75
Good morning!
Yesterday we saw Jesus in command of events as He was arrested. Today He faces trial, and it is a sham!
Jesus refuses to answer the accusations, since they are false. I want to suggest to you that this is actually a mark of His strength, and determination to go through with what was necessary to overturn the curse of sin. If He had even begun to argue with His accusers there was no way they could have convicted Him. Remember how He could silence every argument in the temple just a few short chapters ago?
All through this heart-wrenching process of religion and human power conspiring against Jesus, look for God’s power and authority held in check to enable Jesus to follow through and become the first human to fully obey God.
Also today we see Peter’s struggle; denying Jesus three times in one night. How powerful is our instinct for self-preservation! Poor Peter’s strength is his weakness – he denies Jesus less than 24 hours after vowing to go to the cross with Him!
But God saw Peter’s sin, and the curse he invoked on himself. It is all dealt with a few days later, as Jesus uses Peter as a demonstration of His power to redeem and restore.
What is God doing in your life today? Remember the power of God is not concealed any more – God waits for us to step into the life Jesus died to give us! Because Jesus obeyed fully, we can do the same!
Have a great day.
PS. Remember to be a witness – testify to what God is doing in your life!
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