Bible Reading Day 44

by markburlinson

Day 44 – Matthew 27:1-31
Good morning {GoesByName}!
We are reaching the pivot point of history as we read Matthew 27. God has become human and lived a sinless, obedient, loving life. Now God is rejected by the powerful religious leaders, the people who follow the powerful rather than the All-Powerful, and the Roman authorities (who probably resented being assigned to the most rebellious corner of the empire anyway).
And through it all, Jesus stands out as the most merciful and loving man ever. His control in the face of unjust taunts and a miscarriage of justice is miraculous. He is caught between two powerful forces (the Roman occupation and the Jewish religious system) and allows Himself to be sacrificed for us all. Yet all the time, we know with hindsight that Jesus holds all power. To willingly lay down His life, not just for His friends but for all who would become His friends, is the most inspiring demonstration of God’s love!
As you read, see what you can learn from reflecting on the actions of the following people in today’s passage: the elders and leading priests; Pilate; the soldiers; the mob; and Jesus!
I hope you are seeing opportunities to testify to God’s work this week? Let me know what God is doing.
Have a great day!