Bible Reading Day 45

by markburlinson

Day 45 – Matthew 27:32-66
Read online. (remember you can change the version you read using the “Choose Version” selector beside the Book & Chapter selector at the top of the page).
Good morning!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
How appropriate that we should reach the Crucifixion on the day we celebrate love! Crucifixion was perhaps the most cruel form of execution devised by man. The Romans were experts in this combination of torture and prolonged suffering, leading to a slow, painful death. 
Jesus has already told us that there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for your friend. See how great God’s love is, that He would suffer in our place, and lay down His life in the harshest, most gruesome way! He even endured separation from His Father for a time; the hardest test of all.
His death had the power to shake the earth, remove the barrier in the Temple that restricted who could come to God, and transform the hearts of hardened Roman soldiers. That same power is ours every day!
It is sobering that the people who claimed to know God’s ways were the only ones who were unaffected. They rejoiced to retain their power by removing their most popular opponent, yet they completely missed the power of God as a result. There, but for the grace of God, …………
Notice how many witnesses see Jesus die. Matthew records how He was buried, and how the priests asked for the tomb to be sealed and guards posted to prevent the body being stolen. Those records are important in verifying the resurrection in the days ahead.
In the meantime; have a great day – Jesus Loves You!