Bible Reading Day 46

by markburlinson

Day 46 – Matthew 28:1-20
Good morning!
If I could give you a gift today, it would be a gift of wonder. That you could wonder at the account of the crucifixion, and today wonder at the power of the resurrection. We have heard so often that Jesus rose from the dead; sometimes we lose sight of the world-changing significance of that event. This morning, read over  verses 1-10 and let the full impact of His resurrection fill your heart!
Although Matthew’s account of the resurrection is brief in comparison to some other gospel records, he still finds space to record the source of the rumor that Jesus’ disciples stole the body. The religious leaders were so determined to keep their position that they bribed the soldiers to lie.
And then Matthew concludes his gospel with the command of Jesus before the ascension: we call it the Great Commission. In light of Jesus’ authority (above every other authority in heaven and earth) we are commanded to make disciples everywhere. Imagine being sent by the President on an important mission; I imagine you would feel honored and excited to go. Well we have been sent by a far higher authority than any President – God sends us out to lead others to follow Him. What an honor, what an adventure! This year we will gather, grow, and go. . . . until everyone has heard!
Have a great day!