Bible Reading Day 47

by markburlinson

Day 47 – Mark 1:1-22
Good morning!
We have completed one gospel account, and today we move on to the beginning of Mark’s gospel. This is the shortest gospel, and the first one written (65-80AD) according to most historians. 
In the same way as breaking news often comes in headlines, Mark writes a fast-paced account with more emphasis on the bare facts. 
There is nothing in Chapter 1 about the birth of Jesus, or His childhood – we start with the significant forerunner – John the Baptist. Isaiah had prophesied that a messenger would precede the Messiah – and Mark tells us John is that messenger. 
After summarizing John’s ministry and message, Mark goes on to tell us about the baptism of Jesus, the calling of the first disciples, and the beginning of Jesus’ teaching ministry. All this takes just 22 verses: less than 500 words in most English translations!
You can see that Mark is writing in “headline news” style – for maximum impact. In fact the pace is going to pick up as we read!
So today I suggest that you catch a handful of headlines about Jesus in your journal as you read. For example: “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.” Then reflect on how those headlines impact your life today and in the future.
And please be a witness – testify about a headline or two from your life with God by replying to this email or posting on the CCC Facebook page!
Have a great day.