Bible Reading Day 48

by markburlinson

Day 48 – Mark 1:23-45
Good Morning!
Yesterday I warned you that the fast pace of Mark’s gospel would increase – that is already happening before we reach the end of Chapter 1!
Notice how often the word “immediately” or “suddenly” appears in these verses; it’s a little like some of those ‘reality’ shows on TV where the announcer constantly adds tension as more and more things happen! The Greek word eutheos (which we translate immediately or suddenly) has already been seen in Matthew’s gospel (it is found 10 times), but by comparison, the same word appears 9 times just in Chapter 1 of Mark!
Today we will see that demons, sickness, even leprosy (which was a slow death-sentence in those days), are no match for the presence of Jesus! We want to see that kind of power today – where God changes things that humanly speaking are unchangeable.
Later we will see the secret of Jesus’ authority – His obedience to His Father God. As an example, in verse 38 we see Jesus making a decision that is counter-intuitive for us. He is enjoying great success with His ministry, and we would say “Stay here and develop this popularity!” but He moves on to other towns, with His focus clearly on what the Father has called Him to do – preach the good news of the Kingdom of God.

In Jesus’ ministry, the healings, deliverance, and transformation (that are more noteworthy than teaching or preaching in our society) are the result of the Kingdom coming, the indications of God’s Word at work.

Today, let’s invite Jesus to come to our lives with the good news of the Kingdom, and watch to see what happens!
Have a great day!