Bible Reading Day 49

by markburlinson

Day 49 – Mark 2.
Good morning!
“Contrasts” would be a good title for today’s reading. 
Not only does Jesus contrast God’s values and actions with those expected by the religious leaders, but He also contrasts what people anticipate with what He actually does!
For example, they bring Jesus a paralyzed man (who needs healing), and Jesus tells him his sins are forgiven! Or when He passes the booth of a turncoat tax collector (who most would despise and reject), Jesus calls the man to become His disciple. 
Later in the chapter we see part of the reason for these contrasts – the analogies of the patch of cloth and the wineskins both speak to us about the new thing God is doing. God has become a man and is living a life of obedience and sinlessness as an example for us. No wonder the old cannot cope with the new! The new wine is bursting the old wineskins.
Today I am asking God “What is old in my life?” and “How do You want to make me new?” 
And by the way (verse 27): God’s requirements and instructions are for our benefit, not our burden!
Have a great day!
Our mission for the year: Gather, Grow, Go
Gather with others to talk about our readings (who and when?): 
Grow by allowing God’s Word to work in your life (What is He saying?):
Go to do what God says (how?):