Bible reading Day 50

by markburlinson

Day 50 – Mark 3:1-21
Good morning!
After yesterday’s contrasts, today we see Jesus battling His enemies; and the contrasts become more sharply defined. This is not a fight with weapons, but a fight with thoughts and actions. See how Jesus’ enemies had a mindset of opposition that led them to seek any possible way to accuse Jesus. This clearly identifies them with the accuser, satan, who Jesus came to defeat. An attitude of fault-finding and accusation places a person on the wrong side of the battle, and leads to a hardened heart. Notice that Jesus has the opposite attitude – He is deeply saddened by their hardened hearts.
By contrast to the enemies (the religious leaders), the crowds were eager to hear and see Jesus. They especially sought hope, and answers to their most pressing problems – healing and deliverance. The crowds grew so much that Jesus takes the next step in His discipleship program – He appoints twelve apostles to share the work. (Apostle simply means “one who is sent”). These twelve were not qualified before they were called; rather their calling qualified them – Jesus placed them in roles they were unprepared for, and they found He was sufficient as they obeyed.
Next we see how a hard heart can turn you around completely – so the religious leaders accuse Jesus of being a servant of satan. How ironic that they accused Him of being what they refused to recognize they themselves were! This led Jesus to declare that the only sin which can’t be forgiven is to declare that Jesus’ words and actions are evil (from satan) rather than from God (the Holy Spirit).
Finally, it seems (although we are not told this in the account) that Jesus’ mother and brothers began to be influenced by all the negative propaganda and seek to take Jesus away from the vitriol and controversy. Lovingly, Jesus says that “Anyone who does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.” In other words, He is not rejecting His mother and family (we presume Joseph, His father, is already dead). Stating the truth in this way, Jesus is full of grace toward His family. If they do the will of God they remain His family; only by siding with the religious enemies would they cause their own rejection.
Today, let’s ask God “am I being influenced by propaganda designed to oppose Jesus?” and “how can I stay in the center of Your will?”
Have a great day!