Bible Reading Day 51

by markburlinson

Day 51 – Mark 3:22-35
Good Morning!
Day 51: we have completed 50 days. Congratulations for keeping with the Bible Readings for all this time. Our plan is almost 14% complete!
Did you notice that we covered the whole of chapter 3 in yesterday’s email? You are welcome to go back and read yesterday’s email for thoughts on today’s portion of the chapter (or go to yesterday’s blog entry).
Before we go on to the next chapter, I wanted to take a moment to mention the overall theme of Mark’s gospel. Each gospel has its own theme and flavor. We already saw how Mark’s writing is more in the mode of “headline news” when compared to Matthew (who writes with greater explanation and depth – more in the style of a newspaper column or magazine article).
The foundational theme of Mark’s gospel is Jesus the Servant, who suffers in our place. If you think about a servant, they often live at a fast pace; moving from one task to the next with a sense of urgency. That is why Mark’s gospel account also moves fast. Many times we see the serving and suffering of Jesus through Mark’s account.
Today, you may like to review the first three chapters and see how many times you can see Jesus revealed as a servant who willingly suffers for those He serves.
Have a great day!