Bible Reading Day 52

by markburlinson

Day 52 – Mark 4:1-20
Good Morning!
Today brings a change of pace – Jesus returns to teaching, and the crowd is great so he has to put out onto the lake in a boat so more people can hear him (the expanse of water enables his voice to carry to a wider crowd). So the speed of Mark’s narrative decreases some, but don’t expect less impact as a result! The power of the parable is great, and this parable is perhaps one of Jesus’ most famous. In fact Mark tells us this is just one example of the kinds of stories Jesus told.
Jesus begins by saying “Listen!” to gain the attention of the crowd, and describes a scene that they would all immediately be able to visualize – a farmer sowing seed. Through the principles expressed in this story, Jesus’ hearers can apply God’s truth to their own experience. At least, the ones who are willing to learn can do this. That’s why Jesus ends His parable with the words “Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.”
The disciples wanted to understand, but were perhaps trying too hard! Jesus explains to them that they WILL understand the principles of the Kingdom, even though anyone who is not already seeking truth will find it hard to catch the truths woven into His parables.
Then He explains the parable clearly, describing four responses to God’s Word. Which have you experienced in your life? Probably all four at different times! Which are the two predominant ones for you today? And what does God want to say to you about becoming more fruitful?
Have a great day!