Bible Reading Day 54

by markburlinson

Day 54 – Mark 5:1-20

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Good morning!

Yesterday we ended our reading with the disciples astonished at the authority of Jesus. “Who is this man? Even the wind and waves obey Him!”
You recall they were crossing the Sea of Galilee when the storm hit them. Well, when they get to the other side, another kind of storm hits them – a man so demonized that he would harm himself and howl as he lived among the graves in the cemetery. No-one could subdue him. Until Jesus came ashore. Now the demonized man comes to Jesus for help. And Jesus HELPS him!
His freedom is so great that many from his family and town come to faith. At the same time many are scared of what Jesus does – including the pig farmers! The man (now well) asks to go with Jesus but Jesus sends him to his own people – the next apostle! (Apostle means one who is sent).
Remember we are sent too (Matthew 28). How has God changed you for the better? It may not be demons and pigs, but God’s work in you is worth telling – and others are waiting to hear what God has done for you.

Have a great day!


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