Bible Reading Day 55

by markburlinson

Day 55 – Mark 5:21-43

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Good morning!

I am looking forward to our service this morning. It will be the final weekend of African American History month, and we have a dance by the children and a guest speaker – Pastor John McCauley from Seneca SC.
Today’s theme for the readings is faith. We follow Jesus through two encounters (the synagogue ruler’s daughter is raised from the dead, and a woman is healed by touching Jesus’ garment). In both, the key element is faith – the woman had faith that she would be healed simply by reaching out to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, and Jesus encouraged Jairus to have faith that his daughter would be made well.
How is God strengthening your faith as you read? What is Jesus preparing you to do?
One other observation which goes along with the focus on faith; the woman reaching out touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. This was symbolic of His authority as a Rabbi. The woman’s faith in Jesus’ authority made her well.
Jesus’ authority is also described in His interaction with Jairus. The synagogue ruler was a powerful man in those days, and by asking Jesus to come Jairus gives away some of his own authority, and recognizes the authority of Jesus.
Authority follows faith (in God’s Kingdom). So faith leads to experience, with growing authority!
How does God want you to exercise authority today?
I’m looking forward to hearing Pastor John this morning – I believe his message will benefit us all.