Bible Reading Day 56

by markburlinson

Day 56 – Mark 6:1-32

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Good morning!
Yesterday’s reading had faith as the theme; today starts out with a contrast. Jesus returns to His hometown and the locals have already decided they know all they need to know about Him: the carpenter, son of Mary. Can you hear the judgment in that title? “We know where He came from” “unmarried mother” “all his brothers and sisters are still here” – they have already judged Jesus and expect nothing. They have no faith.
And Jesus can do no great works there as a a result.
Are there any ways we are limiting Jesus by our lack of faith, or our judgments?
After the rejection in Nazareth, Jesus goes from village to village and sends out the disciples to teach two-by-two. They all see God at work in the same way as they had seen in the ministry of Jesus! Even King Herod Antipas hears about Jesus, and thinks this must be John the Baptist back from the dead. Mark gives us the flashback account of how Herod murdered John, before telling us how the disciples reported back to Jesus after their ministry tour.
In response to the great following they now have, Jesus takes them away for some rest and quiet. We’ll see how that works out tomorrow!
For today, how does God want to work through you? We are all sent; where is He sending you?