Bible Reading Day 57

by markburlinson

Day 57  – Mark 6:33-56

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Good morning!
Remember how Jesus took His disciples away for a break after they had completed their ministry tour? They must have been looking forward to some space; peace and quiet at last! Well that hope was short-lived. By the time they reached the quiet place, a great crowd of people had already arrived, running along the shore. I wonder if that’s how some people feel after seeing the ads for Myrtle Beach: a couple or a family strolling along a wide spacious beach looks very different from the ad when you arrive on a holiday weekend along with thousands of others!
Notice how Mark describes Jesus’ reaction. No hint of frustration or lack of patience; just compassion and willingness to teach them. The reason? They were like sheep without a shepherd. The issue then, as it is today, is leadership. Multitudes will chase after anything that looks like leadership because so many feel like directionless sheep. Notice how Jesus again recruits His followers, especially the close followers, to meet the needs around them. It is a God-sized need (whether for food or for teaching) but God is committed to only meeting the need through His followers.
What needs do you see, and how could you be partnering with God to make a difference? 
The second part of today’s reading shows us how sometimes following Jesus’ instructions can lead us into struggles. The disciples are obeying Jesus again, after their “get away and rest” trip, and they are back on the lake, without Jesus, struggling to get to where they are going. Two things stand out to me in reading these verses: the first is that Jesus is watching and comes to them in their struggle, saying “Don’t be afraid,” and “Take courage! I am here!” The second is that the disciples were amazed that Jesus saved them; their amazement stemmed from a failure to understand the significance of what Jesus was doing. Verse 52 says “they still didn’t understand the significance of the miracle of the loaves. Their hearts were too hard to take it in.”
I wonder how different our lives would be if we allowed ourselves to see fully the miracles God is doing around us? If we could encourage one another to embrace the truth that God really is both loving and powerful? If we could look beyond the jaded view of this world, and see more of how God is working? Lord, give us soft hearts, and open eyes!