Bible Reading Day 58

by markburlinson

Day 58 – Mark 7:1-13

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Good morning!
We have noted previously that Mark writes in “headline” style – fast and to-the-point. Today’s portion shows us Jesus teaching in similar style. His target is the bloated system of rules and regulations that religion has created around the simple heart of life with God – receiving love, being thankful, and sharing love with others.

The Pharisees had added many traditions to the teaching of God in the books of Moses (the Pentateuch, or five books). Jesus quotes Isaiah’s prophecy about hearts that are far from God, and then cuts to the root of the religious system. What an indictment of those who purport to be leaders: “You cancel the Word of God in order to hand down your own tradition.”

This is why reformers such as Wycliffe and Luther were so passionate about translating the Word of God into the language of the common people – it is such an honor to read God’s Word for ourselves, and a vital part of remaining free from religious traditions. Even the New Testament was written in the language of the common people (koine Greek). 

Let’s be thankful today that we have God’s Word to read, and let’s discuss it with our friends, asking them to help us see any place we are distorting God’s truths with our own viewpoints or traditions.