Bible Reading Day 62

by markburlinson

Day 62 – Mark 9:1-29

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Good morning!
There are times when heaven overlaps into our world, and we get a glimpse of real life. Today’s reading records one of the times in Jesus’ life when that happened.

Having turned His ministry toward Jerusalem in preparation for His death, Jesus takes His closest friends away for some alone time. They have the privilege of seeing Jesus being encouraged by heavenly relationships in preparation for His greatest work. Moses and Elijah are visible, Jesus shines with a foreshadowing of His resurrection glory, and the disciples are scared. They had not seen Hollywood movies, and this was far greater than any movie! Peter acts as the spokesman again, and in keeping with his misguided spokesman role in yesterday’s reading, he gets it wrong again! This time it is Father God who corrects Peter! “This is my dearly loved Son, listen to Him.”

How fast are we to speak? And how often do we mis-speak as a result?

It might be expected that Jesus would focus single-mindedly on the journey to Jerusalem from here, but He is still strongly motivated to show God’s care to others. He takes time to dialog with the man whose son the disciples could not deliver; asking about the timing of the oppression and challenging the father’s unbelief before healing the boy.

The disciples regularly have to ask why they have failed (sound familiar?) but Jesus is very patient with them, and explains that prayer is the answer.

Prayer (the Jesus kind) is more about dialog, where heaven breaks into earth, than a list of petitions. Spending time with the Father (as Jesus had just done again on the Mount of Transfiguration) is the key to seeing God’s power expressed. The disciples did not fully understand this yet, but the early part of the book of Acts shows us they did understand it after the resurrection! The same potential is available to us today – spending time with God in the company of other disciples offers us training in Kingdom activity. Let’s expect God to teach us as we meet today. See you at 9:30 or 11!