Bible Reading Day 64

by markburlinson

Day 64 – Mark 10:1-31

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Good morning!
Jesus has begun His journey toward Jerusalem. He moves from Galilee to Judea and Trans-Jordan. Along the way, the Pharisees continue to demand answers of Jesus, finding fault with Him, but Jesus confounds them every time.

Their question this time has to do with divorce, which Moses permitted in the Law. Jesus explains this was simply a concession to hard hearts, because in marriage God makes one new person out of two. This is a supernatural achievement, and it is not mankind’s prerogative to dissolve such a supernatural union.

Next Jesus gives a repeat of His instruction that children matter to God, because to enter the Kingdom of heaven we have to become child-like: trusting, obedient, full of wonder at the unknown, and so on. 

And finally we have the account of the rich young ruler, who wanted to justify himself with Jesus (as so often we do) yet was challenged and disappointed when Jesus required of him the one thing he was unwilling to give up – his position of wealth and influence. We see a glimpse of God’s love and compassion when Jesus is explaining this to the disciples; with God even the impossible is possible, while God’s perspective on position and importance leaves no room for human values in this area.

So let’s seek to be child-like, trusting God for supernatural activity in our lives, and humbly following Jesus whatever the cost.