Bible Reading – Day 67

by markburlinson

Day 67 – Mark 11:20-33

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Good morning!
You knew what would happen to the fig tree didn’t you? It withered overnight. Just as the old religious system that had guided Israel for centuries was about to wither in a very short time.

Jesus takes the opportunity to teach the disciples about faith and prayer – He tells them they can ask for anything now! The limits are off, God is accessible, and doing God’s will makes anything possible.

Then, by contrast, the priests, teachers of the law, and elders challenge Jesus’ authority. Implied in their question is the assumption that they are the keepers of orthodoxy and therefore of authority. What a night-and-day difference from what Jesus just told His disciples! With God, ANYTHING is possible, with religion, only the ones in authority can dispense authority. And that leads to as little fruit as the fig tree! 

Of course, as we already saw in Matthew, Jesus has a simple answer that confounds the powerful. Asking them about John the Baptist exposes the contradiction in their own thinking, and they say they don’t know the answer. 

Which would you prefer today? Human structures and opinions with no fruit, or God’s abundance?!