Bible Reading Day 69

by markburlinson

Day 69 – Mark 12:28-44

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Good morning!
Signs of hope today as Jesus teaches in the Temple for the last time. A teacher of religious law (scribe) has overheard Jesus’ exchange with the Sadducees that we read yesterday. The scribes were “top of the heap” in the religious system – the Bible scholars. This man shows by his discussion with Jesus that he understands God’s heart, and Jesus affirms that he is “not far from the Kingdom of God.”
This shows us that Jesus is only opposed to the religious leaders when they resist God’s purposes. He is not against them simply because they are opposing Him.  The regular people do not have the same level of perception when they listen to the teachers of religious law, so Jesus challenges the crowd to think about what they are taught. He also warns them to beware of prideful behavior from their religious leaders.

Finally, watching these same religious leaders and their contemporaries parading their giving at the Temple Treasury, Jesus commends a widow whose two cent offering (literally) was all she had left. Never think that the amount you have to offer God (whether money, or talent, or gifting, or time) is what counts. God observes commitment not quantity, and values wholeheartedness over ostentation.

Give Him all you have today, and see how He reacts!