Bible Reading Day 70

by markburlinson

Day 70 – Mark 13:1-13

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Good morning!
First, my apologies for the mistake in the reading link yesterday! I hope you didn’t think you were going backwards!
Today we look at security (or the lack of it) and what Jesus has to say about the end of the Jewish Temple, its religious system, and God’s people afterward.
We start with the disciples pointing out the massive stones in the walls of the Temple. Since the time of Ezra and Nehemiah those stones had stood firm. they represented security and stability to these Jewish disciples, despite the persecution they were receiving from the leaders of Israel.
But Jesus has a security that doesn’t come from stones, and He tells them that the Temple will be destroyed (which it was in AD 70, roughly 35 years after this). When the four closest disciples ask Jesus for more information they clearly have an apocalyptic view in mind. They expect the Romans to be overthrown and Jesus to reign as an earthly King in Jerusalem.
In response Jesus tells them simply about the coming suffering, which would begin after His arrest and crucifixion, and continue through the book of Acts and beyond. He also promises that those who endure until the end WILL be saved. In other words God will protect His people, not from suffering but through suffering.
Jesus describes our suffering as an opportunity to tell others about Him. How does that look for you today? 

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