Bible Reading Day 71

by markburlinson

Day 71 – Mark 13:14-37

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Good morning!
Yesterday we saw that God protects His people through suffering. Today Jesus looks ahead to what some of that suffering will look like.
Here Jesus is speaking prophetically, and so (as is common with prophecy) there is more than one event in view. Rather like a mountain range, Jesus is referring to a specific event in the near future, and a wider fulfillment in the distant future. In this case the abomination (or sacreligious object) that causes desolation refers first to the fulfillment of Daniel 11:31 and 12:11, which many scholars say was the desecration of the Temple before the destruction of Jerusalem in AD70. Certainly the warnings of verses 14-20 applied well to that time. Jesus also warns of false messiahs and false prophets arising on the earth. These have been a consistent distraction since the time of Jesus, and are no less common today – beware of being distracted from Jesus by these charlatans!  Looking further into the future, this prophecy may also refer to the AntiChrist taking a position of power on the earth.
Whatever the viewpoint, the lesson is the same: whenever our human world powers set up something that is opposed to Jesus, the right response is to be ready and watchful for Jesus to return. And don’t fall for any of the “End of the world next Tuesday” pranks either – not even Jesus knows when He is returning, so it is always error for a human to predict the end of the world!
And let’s remember we are stewards (servants who look after the Master’s business) waiting for our master to return.
How does that affect your outlook and actions today?