Bible Reading Day 73

by markburlinson

Day 73 – Mark 14:26-50

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Good morning!
Today we move into the action of the final day of Jesus’ life on earth. They leave the upper room and go out to the Mount of Olives, where Jesus goes to pray in an olive grove called the Garden of Gethsemane.

See the journey on a map.

On the way He tells the disciples clearly that they will all betray Him and be scattered, but He will rise from the dead and go ahead of them to Galilee.

They apparently miss the clear promise of the resurrection and focus instead on preventing Jesus being killed. Peter exhibits the greatest bravado, saying even if everyone else deserts, he never will! Have you ever promised God you’d never do something? Or promised that you would always do something? God is not impressed by our bravado – He knows our weakness better than we do! Jesus gently informs Peter that he is going to deny he even knows Jesus three times before morning, but Peter is emphatic that he has the power to stay the course! Human effort is often the pre-cursor of failure!

Mark then records his eye-witness account of the most compassionate stage of Jesus’ identification with us. As He wrestles with the burden of taking on the sin of al humanity, and the subsequent separation from His Father for the only time in eternity, it would be less costly to capitulate, but Jesus chooses the Father’s will (to save the world) over His own (to avoid the pain).

Immediately (Mark is still recording events in headline news style) – Judas arrives with a mob sent from the chief priests. The only time they can arrest Jesus is when He and the disciples are apart from the crowds, otherwise the people would revolt against their murderous plans. Judas identifies Jesus with a pre-arranged kiss and He is arrested. There is a small struggle and then the disciples all abandon Him. The Son of God is now alone with the sins of mankind upon Him, and the mock justice of the religious and civil powers ahead of Him. Tomorrow we shall see how they treat Him.

For today, let’s reflect on the impotence of human effort in following Jesus. We need grace much more than resolutions!