Bible Reading Day 78

by markburlinson

Day 78 – Luke 1:1-23

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Good morning!
A new day, and a new Gospel. Today we begin our journey through Luke’s gospel.
Luke was a doctor, and writes with the purpose of compiling all the accounts in a way that Theophilus (meaning lover of God) can be certain of the truth he has been taught.
We have already seen how Matthew’s gospel is written primarily for Jews, to convince them that Jesus is the Messiah. Matthew focuses on kingly characteristics of Jesus. Mark is probably the earliest gospel, and focuses on the servant nature of Jesus, highlighting His suffering. Now Luke, a non-Jew, writes for Greeks to show them Jesus’ humanity. For God to become man was a revolutionary concept for Greeks and Romans, and Luke shows the humanity of Jesus powerfully. Luke also wrote the Book of Acts, so this is part one of a two part record.
Luke begins his narrative with the human-interest story of Zechariah and Elizabeth. This old couple is told they will have a child who will be the fore-runner of the Messiah. That would be astounding news, wouldn’t it? Zechariah (perhaps understandably) does not believe the angel Gabriel’s announcement, so he is struck dumb until the child is born. 
Our words are powerful, and can affect the course of our history. Gabriel prevented Zechariah from speaking against what God was doing. Let’s reflect on our own words this morning; especially things we say to ourselves (or others) repeatedly. “I’m stupid,” “I’ll never find love,” “I’m too busy,” “Nobody cares for me.” These and other repeated words can lock us into the behavior or circumstances they describe. What would Gabriel silence in your words?!
Have a great day!

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