Bible Reading Day 79

by markburlinson

Day 79 – Luke 1:24-56

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Good morning!
Today we read about Gabriel telling Mary that she will bear the Messiah. In contrast to Zechariah’s unbelieving response, Mary’s question is more for clarification. How will this be?

What an amazing experience for a young girl! First she is confused and disturbed by the angel’s greeting (who wouldn’t be?!) and then she is told that she will have a son who will be the savior of her people. The phrases Gabriel uses to give Mary this news may be familiar to us if we have read them before, but to Mary they were clear use of familiar terminology referring to the Messiah.

Gabriel also tells Mary that her cousin Elizabeth is pregnant; using this news as proof that God can do anything! Mary visits Elizabeth and John the Baptist dances in his mother’s womb, for joy that the Savior of the World is coming. With a full heart, Mary sings her famous song of praise.

Mary stayed with her cousin until John’s birth was imminent, and then returned home.

Did you notice what Elizabeth said to Mary?: “You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what he said.”  What has God said to you? You can believe it too!
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