Bible Reading Day 80

by markburlinson

Day 80 – Luke 1:57-80

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Good morning!
Today we reach the birth of John the Baptist – a supernatural story to inspire us all. In that culture a son was something of an insurance policy. A son could work and provide for the family, including his parents in old age (although Elizabeth and Zechariah were going to be VERY old by the time John reached working age!). No wonder the neighbors and relatives were rejoicing with her. Can you imagine all the good wishes and the well-meaning advice? They all expected the baby boy would be called Zechariah, so it was a big surprise when Elizabeth announced he would be called John. Confirming the child’s name was like the final act of obedience and faith on Zechariah’s part. The man who had doubted God’s message and been struck dumb had clearly learned his lesson. Over the time of the pregnancy he had obviously communicated the details of God’s message to Elizabeth so she knew the baby’s name too. Now, when Zechariah writes “His name is John” it’s as though he completes a journey from doubt to faith, and now his mouth is opened. the first thing he does is praise God! His humbling experience has made him better, rather than bitter toward God. What a testimony! And everyone round about knew about this miracle baby, with the supernatural naming heritage!
What is your testimony? How has God disciplined you? Taught you to believe? Given you a miracle? Let the testimony shine for those around you to see, even if it costs you to humbly admit you started out wrong, as Zechariah did.
And then Zechariah prophesies a beautiful, poetic prophecy over John, and the nation of Israel. All their history of disobedience and judgment was being turned around. It is remarkable that Zechariah prophesies all this before he sees it. We look back with the benefit of history’s eyes and read this as an account of what later came to pass. Today I suggest you read it as a promise for your future – you, your family, our church, and the world! Whatever our current state, God’s Word to us is: “Because of God’s tender mercy,

the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us, to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, and to guide us to the path of peace.” (verses 78 & 79). 
Have a great day!

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