Bible Reading Day 81

by markburlinson

Day 81 – Luke 2:1-24

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Good morning!
Luke gives us great detail about the birth of Jesus – historical facts that verify Jesus’ life in history. And the verses today are packed with supernatural power too – only God could arrange for His Son’s birth to occur in such a precise way, with so many prophetic details fulfilled. For some examples, check out this website.

Because this is perhaps one of the most familiar passages in the gospels, I invite you to read it prayerfully and with an eye to details you would normally overlook. I am not going to comment on the verses today, other than to commend to you the attitude of Mary, the mother of Jesus, in verse 19.

One small, but significant human detail (remember Luke is recording the life of Jesus with the focus on His humanity) is found in verse 24. The Law provided for a sacrifice of two doves or pigeons for the poorest people (Leviticus 12:28).  All the circumstances of His birth demonstrate His humility.

Now, let me leave you to read the verses again and let God speak to your heart.
Have a great day!

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