Bible Reading Day 82

by markburlinson

Day 82 – Luke 2:25-52

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Good morning!
The sacrifice in the Temple that Jesus’ parents offered was answered very clearly by God. First Simeon blesses the baby in terms that clearly identify Jesus as the Messiah, and then Anna prophesies, telling everyone who is looking for the coming Messiah that Jesus is here. With these two incidents Luke fills in a great deal more of the human detail of Jesus’ birth. Here is a Savior for all mankind!

The second half of our reading today records the incident at 12 years old where Jesus stays in the Temple after the annual Passover celebration. His parents lose Him for a time and there is quite a scene! To our eyes this can look like neglectful parenting or rebellious teenage behavior, but in fact it would be normal for the family to be part of a larger group, and for children to be cared for in the group. As the oldest child, Jesus would have had some freedom while His parents were presumably occupied with younger siblings. Eastern society at that time was much more rooted in extended family structures than we are today in the west. Jesus was only one year from HIs Bar-Mitzvah so would have been expected to sit with the teachers of the Law and learn. The surprise was that He was teaching, not learning! And you can imagine Mary’s consternation when she realized Jesus was missing: how would you feel if you had lost the Son of God??!!

Even at this young age, Jesus knew He had a heavenly Father, and as a result He had wisdom and favor. The same is true for you and me; to have wisdom and favor we must first dwell in our Father’s house, close to His heart. I pray you will have a deeper revelation of Father God’s love for you today, and grow in wisdom and favor as a result.
Have a great day!

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