Bible Reading Day 83

by markburlinson

Day 83 – Luke 3

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Good morning!
Today’s chapter has a great deal in it! I will try to be brief in my comments to give you plenty of time to dwell on these verses.

John the Baptist comes into his foremost time of ministry – he leads a revival of repentance in Israel that creates hunger and anticipation for the coming Messiah. John is uncompromising in his preaching and equally clear that he is NOT the Messiah. What a gift to be so confident in God’s commission that he fulfills his calling, yet never oversteps his role!

Luke loads his account with so many historical details, giving us confidence in the veracity of the Word of God. Truly God is at work in every detail of history. God’s Kingdom over-rules every detail of earth’s empires.

In this same chapter we see the beginning of the decline of John’s ministry. Jesus comes to John to be baptized, signifying the beginning of Jesus’ ministry which John knows will eclipse his own. As we have seen before, the obedience of Jesus in submitting to baptism causes His Father great joy. How appropriate that we read this chapter on the day when a number of our church family will also be baptized. Pray for them that they will each hear God say ““You are my dearly loved son/daughter, and you bring me great joy.”
Finally. Luke lists the genealogy of Jesus (in an unusual reverse order which gives greater emphasis to Jesus). If you compare this genealogy with the one in Matthew, you will find many differences. Most scholars believe that Luke’s genealogy is actually that of Mary, showing the human line of Jesus’ birth. Joseph, as son-in-law of Heli, probably lived in his father-in-law’s house as a son. For more discussion see these two articles: Bible Genealogy and

Have a great day!

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